increase in knife crime 2017-2018

Offences last year involving a knife

Knife assaults that caused injury

1 knife attack every 16 minutes is happening on our streets today.

Knife Crime is the fastest growing killer of young people today…  yet the government aren’t acting.  Instead, they have cut our policing budget by £700million, slashed our police force by 20,000 officers and reduced stop and search powers.

With gang culture being glorified and street violence on the rise, this epidemic is spreading, it’s leaving more mothers to mourn their children and so much future potential wasted.

The Drop The Knife Foundation was established to tackle the issue at the cause. Not through expensive reactive measures that the government keep trying (and failing) to deliver, but by being pro-active.

We are now raising money to bring an innovative and effective program to UK schools, discouraging our youth from a life of violence and to BRING BACK THE FIGHT against knife crime: the fastest growing killer on our streets.

The money will be spent on educating young people on the effects of knife crime and the damage it causes to victims and their families.

We are delivering an array of effective learning programs of knife prevention to children in schools that work.  Through VR learning experiences, live seminars and knife defence workshops, we are working to deliver these Nationally. 

This program will be rolled out to local schools as an engaging seminar designed to leave a powerful impact on children’s minds showing them the devastation carrying a knife can cause.

If you too are passionate about the cause you can pledge your support and donate by clicking the link below.

It’s time for change, it’s time for a social movement… #DROPTHEKNIFE

  • Funds Raised 14%


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