Higher Education Package

Educational Package in Anti Knife Crime and Gang issues for Secondary Schools, Colleges, Youth, Sports, and Community Based Organisations 

The Drop the Knife Community Interest Company and Charity. We have formed this company and charity with the aim of providing a cohesive educational package on anti-knife crime and gangs in to Primary, Secondary Schools and Colleges, Youth, Sports and community-based organisations.

The idea to start the company came from Will Flint who was stabbed 12 times on the 1st January 2017 in Birmingham. Although Will has made a full recovery he still has effects from the injuries he received. We have now formed the CIC company with three directors including Will who is the CEO. Will has made several appearances on Television and radio talking about knife crime and his story. Indeed, we were on BBC Radio Hereford, and BBC Radio Wales before Christmas. Will has also been on Radio East Midlands in January 2019.

For secondary and college students we have developed a presentation that demonstrates the reasons not to carry knifes and the possible consequences of ending up on the receiving end of a knife. We cover the reasons why people carry knifes and the dangers that can result from carrying them. This is hard hitting but to the point.

We are also able to offer a series of visits to the school to mentor any young people you may need more help in directing away from certain behaviours that can lead to gang and knife crime. As part of this mentoring opportunity we have a young people’s ambassador course where young people from the school can go as volunteer ambassadors for drop the knife and work to spread the Anti-Knife crime message to their peers on an ongoing basis. We can take these junior ambassadors through a course, and then keep them up to date through the school on any changes on information they need to give to their peers.

As part of this ongoing mentoring we can also help young people get in to meaningful activities and direct them to Sports, Youth and Community organisations. I would like to come in to the school and talk to you about the packages that we can offer you, and the pressure we can take off the teachers by delivering the packages ourselves.

We know that for every 100 young people we can direct away from knife crime and gangs we can save the government circa £8m which would be the cost to put these young people through the justice system and then through young offender’scentres / prison.