Student Ambassador Program

#DROPTHEKNIFE Ambassador Program

During seminars, the idea of becoming an ambassador will be discussed with students and identification of suitable candidates will be completed in conjunction with teachers.  Pupils in each school will be identified as ambassadors to work alongside the charity to deliver its message and equally to give feedback and advise the charity on how it can develop a meaningful and effective strategy for the future.

It is important to note at this point that ambassadors will not be selected for academic ability and or history of previous engagement. Focus will be put on identifying students that could most benefit from this scheme and the opportunities it may offer.

Training and Mentoring for Ambassadors

Local Youth workers will be engaged to work with our ambassadors to understand the message and deliver activities within the school. These activities can be in the form of, role play, drama, music, science and any other activities agreed with teachers.

Ambassadors will use activities to encourage their peers to think about the consequences of carrying a knife and the implications that this would have on themselves, their families, other people and their communities. They will also work on encouraging them to think about alternative activities which would divert them from gang culture.

Become an Ambassador

Students engaging in the programme will receive a certificate of achievement.
The incentive for the ambassadors will be a certificate of achievement plus full funding to attend the National Citizens Service Summer Programme where they will experience a series of activities aimed at developing their skills as well rounded individuals and members of society (
Each school that we engage with will have the result of 6 pupils being put through the National Citizens Service Summer Programme. The initial 19 months of this programme will support 36young people through this programme.
Ambassadors will be encouraged to feed back information on how we can best support them in their roles and how we can grow as a charity. Ambassadors will be given a mentor within the school who will be there to provide support, assist with organising activities and confide in over any issues that may arise during the programme and any needs will be met by the charity.
Pupils throughout the school will be given merchandise (hats, wristbands etc) and information about the charity and incentivised to get involved to achieve a certificate and award that can be used on their CV.
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