Primary School Package

Educational Package in Anti Knife Crime and Gang issues for Primary Schools

The Drop the Knife Community Interest Company and Charity. We have formed this company and charity with the aim of providing a cohesive educational package on anti-knife crime and gangs in to Primary, Secondary Schools and Colleges.

We appreciate that at Primary age parents do not expect their children to be in any danger from gang or knife related violence. Unfortunately, in the world we live in today there are cases where young children are groomed by older children who have joined gangs. This has resulted in young children being used to carry the knifes and, in some cases, to carry out attacks as there is a believe that if they are a young child, they will not get prosecuted.

The aims of the sessions in schools is to educate children to recognise the signs and triggers that could result in them ending out in a gang scenario where there is a possibility that knifes enter the environment. It is also about safety when they are out, and how to avoid getting in to situations where there may be attacked by a gang or end out being at the receiving end of a knife attack.

Our educational programme in to Primary schools is based around the story of two groups of furry dogs. The story has been written so that it is not intended to frighten children hence the reason we have used dogs  instead of human beings. At no point during the session are any knives used or shown to young people. As part of this session there are opportunities for a question and answer session and further exercises that can be undertaken outside of this session, which will be supplied in a teacher’s handbook.  

These educational sessions in schools are part of a £1.5m project which will be delivered across England and Wales over the next three years. It is important to remember that for every 100 children we can deflect away from gangs and knife crime we can save the government up to £8m in service costs within the justice system. All the funding required is having to be acquired through grants and fundraising. We would ask if you could give us a £200 donation for the session (perhaps from SEN OR Pupal premium funding) oroffer some help on a voluntary basis, we would be pleased to welcome you aboard our team.